Remembering the Day Jodi’s Body was Found…

The morning started the same way.  Nothing new.  Texas Equine would search the lake at first chance that morning.   The news began reporting that Jodi’s car had been found and would be recovered with a body.  I called my dad and asked if it was true.  His response, “They found her but she is not in the car.”  


I still had hope and asked if she was OK.  He broke down and gave me the news that I and all of Jodi’s friends and family had hoped would not come.  Jodi was gone.  At work, I sat in a daze.  School was about to be dismissed.  I had to get my daughter before she looked at the Internet.  I raced home and gave her the news that her babysitter and friend was gone. 


It was a few days later that she asked me the question no parent should ever have to answer.  She asked, “Mom, you said I should always fight and yell if someone ever tired to do anything.”  Of course I said yes you should get attention of someone that will help you and run.  She went on to say, “but Jodi fought didn’t she?”  Yes, I am sure Jodi fought and in her memory I will fight for change in the laws to protect others.

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