Trial Day Two

Much of the testimony today helped the prosecution build a time line of the day Jodi was murdered.  The witnesses were comprised of woman stating Thurber stalked them and video evidence of his whereabouts on 1/5/2007. 

In all 20 witnesses took the stand today.  Many were former members of the Tigerette dance team with Jodi and testified that Thurber had followed them in the days preceding Jodi’s murder.   One stated that she began trying to call Jodi at about 12:30 p.m. on 1/5/2007 and went to look for her when she could not reach Jodi.  She stated, “We were getting worried.”  By this time it was after 5 p.m.  The friend was asked by prosecutor Vic Braden how long she looked for Jodi.  Her reply “for about 4 days.” 

Today’s testimony followed testimony from yesterday afternoon from cellular phone experts.  The testimony explained the procedures for mobile calls and the tracking that was done for this case.

After lunch the jury was taken on a tour of the following: Cowley County Community College campus (dance practice), Cowley County Fishing Lake (where Jodi’s car, clothes and mail were found), and the Kaw Wildlife Area (where Jodi’s body was found). 

The trial is not expected to have further testimony today.  Testimony is expected to begin again tomorrow at 9 a.m. CST.

Please remember while discussing this case that Jodi was an incredible person who left behind many friends and family.  While the details of her death may be dramatic and horrible the life she led is what she should be remembered for.

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